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  • Left Uncontrolled, Weeds Would Cost Billions in Economic Losses Every Year

    If weeds were allowed to grow with no control measures, about half of corn and soybean crops across the United States and Canada would be lost, costing growers about $43 billion annually, says a team of researchers. more »

  • Weeds and Regulations: A Wicked Problem

    There is a troubling discrepancy between the large number of harmful invasive plant species and the number of invasive plant species that are actually regulated. At the federal level, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection service (APHIS) includes more »

  • Cut Down on Weed Escapes

    Like clockwork, Mid-South cotton growers know that pigweed escapes will begin to pop up in their fields by mid-July. In addition to being prolific seed producers, the pesky weed can also feature resistance to several types of herbicides more »

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